Meet Rebecca Chesonis

From her youngest memories as a child, Rebecca Chesonis always had a dog in the house.  From poodles to Beagles to Yorkies, some of her best childhood memories included the family dog.  She was able to learn along the way how to train the dogs, starting when they were just puppies and needed to be house broken.  Before she was a teenager, she started working with their dogs to teach them new tricks, even inventing tricks for them to learn that would allow them to play together. 

As Rebecca got older and eventually got married, dogs were still really important to her.  She loved going to find their first dog as husband and wife.  The dog was a sweet Shepard mix that they found at the humane society and got as a puppy.  They trained the puppy together and loved her throughout her life.  

As the years progressed, there were other dogs in the family home, including some that were adopted into the family when others could not keep them, like a Lab and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix whose owner died and a little Terrier mix whose family moved to a home where they could not have dogs.  In all cases as a married couple, Rebecca and her husband, Tim, have supported adoption programs for dogs and rescued dogs from the streets.  

Currently, Rebecca and Tim have two dogs that they rescued as puppies from the humane society.  The first is a beautiful male Black Lab named Riker.  The second is a super sweet Shepard and Vizsla mix girl named, Lilo.  They became the inspiration to start working to supply information and fun dog items through My Fun Dog.  It is a pleasure to be able to take a lifelong passion for dogs and turn it into a business that can support others in the dog ownership process.